Bonded fillings are a type of dental restoration used to repair cavities and other minor damage to the teeth. Bonded fillings are made of composite resin, a strong, tooth-colored material that can be matched to the color of your natural teeth.

The purpose of bonded fillings is to restore the strength, function, and appearance of a damaged tooth. Bonded fillings are an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings, which are made of a mixture of metals and can be noticeable in the mouth. Bonded fillings are less visible and can blend in with the natural color of your teeth.

To place a bonded filling, the dentist will first remove any decay or damage from the tooth. The tooth will then be cleaned and prepared for the filling. The dentist will apply the composite resin to the tooth, shaping and smoothing it to match the contours of the tooth. The resin is then cured with a special light, hardening it and securing it in place.

Once the filling is in place, the tooth will be polished to give it a smooth, natural finish. The bonded filling will restore the strength and function of the tooth, allowing you to eat and speak with ease.

Bonded fillings are a strong, durable, and natural-looking option for repairing cavities and other minor damage to the teeth. If you have a cavity or other dental problem, talk to your local dental office about the possibility of a bonded filling.


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