Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance in Palm Harbor, FL

Periodontal maintenance (deep cleaning) is very similar to the procedure completed during a regular cleaning, however, this is only completed in cases of progressed periodontal disease. However, you’ll probably need these appointments more often; you’ll need to return every three or four months. Also, regular cleanings are done as preventative care, while periodontal maintenance takes care of the complicated issues surrounding deep pockets and gum disease.

When you go for periodontal maintenance, the hygienist will remove tartar just like with a regular cleaning. They’ll get in between your teeth and down to your gums. This is known as scaling. In addition, they’ll examine the pockets of your gums. If they see any infection or inflammation in these pockets, then the dental hygienist will flush the area with antiseptic to help with disinfection and controlling the infection or inflammation. The root planing part of the procedure is the act of mechanically smoothing the surface of the roots to ensure that any future bacterial build-up will have a more difficult time adhering to the teeth. This aids in your ability to care for the teeth at home, and improves the prognosis of teeth that might be compromised from periodontal disease.

Think of deep cleaning as the step that comes after, when regular cleaning isn’t good enough. Periodontal maintenance is only needed for people who have periodontal disease, so if your oral health is in great shape, you won’t need to get a deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is performed to stop periodontal disease from advancing. It’s important to go to your deep cleanings; without them, disease can run rampant and do serious damage to your gums and teeth.

Gum disease is the ultimate result of bacteria building up around the teeth and gums, forming plaque. Unless this plaque is removed, it will harden into tartar that will then become a protective home to future plaque that will advance lower and lower beside the teeth and into the bony support structures surrounding If you want to stop gum disease before it gets any further, the Palm Harbor Family Dentistry team will need to completely remove these harmful substances with scaling and root planing and with continual periodontal maintenance. Have you noticed bleeding gums or other signs of infected gum tissue? Call us today to schedule an examination.


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