Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges in Palm Harbor, FL

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth. Palm Harbor Family Dentistry will typically use a crown to restore a tooth that has been damaged, but it can also be used for cosmetic purposes in order to improve the appearance of a smile. A crown can be made in three different materials, all-metal, ceramic-on-metal, and all-ceramic. Where the crown is located will determine the best material to use. For example, front teeth should have an all-ceramic crown, if possible, since it looks the most natural. Patients throughout Florida will often use ceramic-on-metal crowns since they look natural but have the durability that only metal can provide.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth. At Palm Harbor Family Dentistry, we provide clients with dental bridges if they want to replace a tooth without wearing dentures or undergoing surgery. The new tooth is held in place by two crowns. It looks natural and is made out of a ceramic or porcelain material to match the surrounding teeth. As an experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Taylor Massey makes sure that the new tooth looks and feels amazing. This is a popular option for patients throughout the 34684 area.

Some of our crown and bridge procedures can even be completed without the need for a temporary with the use of a CEREC Primemill and Primescan. Case selection is important for a same-day procedure, as some crowns still require the expertise of a trained dental technician especially in cases of highly complicated esthetics.

At Palm Harbor Family Dentistry, we provide dental crowns and bridges for patients throughout the Palm Harbor area. These procedures are extremely effective for restoring a tooth that has become infected, damaged, or has fallen out. Dr. Taylor Massey is an expert at completing these procedures in a way that looks natural while resolving oral health issues. This way a patient can regain the functionality of their tooth without looking like dental work was ever completed. If you live in Palm Harbor, Florida call (727) 786-8302 to schedule your appointment so that you can learn more about dental crowns and dental bridges.


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