If you feel a sharp pain when you bite down on your food which stops when you stop putting pressure on your tooth, your tooth may need dental restoration for a fractured tooth. Also, if you constantly have to chew on one side of your mouth because of pain, you may have a cracked tooth. So, what can fracture your tooth?

Chewing on hard objects such as ice, hard candy, or hard nuts you can fracture a tooth.

• A blow to the mouth can crack a tooth.
• If tooth enamel is exposed to temperature extremes, your tooth can crack. So if you are eating hot soup, don’t be tempted to sip ice water with it.
• Your teeth can crack if you persistently grind or clench your teeth (also known as bruxism).

In order to fix a cracked tooth, Dr. Taylor Massey will first examine the tooth to determine the proper treatment. For example, if the tooth has small cracks, bonding with a tooth-colored composite resin or dental filling may be all that will be required. However, if the damage is severe or affecting the tooth pulp, the tooth may require extraction, requiring a root canal.

If your tooth needs to be extracted, Dr. Taylor Massey will review tooth replacement options with you to restore your beautiful smile. At Palm Harbor Family Dentistry, we offer high-quality, natural-looking tooth replacement options, including dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges.

At Palm Harbor Family Dentistry, we offer emergency treatment so that patients throughout Florida can stay in excellent oral health. The team at Palm Harbor Family Dentistry is an expert at completing restorations in a way that restores the functionality of a tooth while also looking completely natural. This is important for ensuring that once the dental work is complete, no one can tell your tooth was ever damaged. If your tooth is cracked, chipped, or damaged in any way, call (727) 786-8302 to schedule your appointment.

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